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Ancient Order of Hibernians Louisiana

Ancient Order of Hibernians Louisiana

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1101, 2016

Welcome to our new Site!

Welcome to the Ancient Order of Hibernians in Louisiana’s new webpage!  We have spent the past several months designing a new, more interactive website that will inform you of all things Hibernian in the State of Louisiana.  Please be sure to peruse our various pages, take a look at our divisions throughout the state, and view our photo galleries. Most importantly, if you are Irish and Catholic...what are you waiting for???  With our motto of  Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity, we welcome you to come and join the largest and oldest organization for Irish Catholic men in the United States.

301, 2016


In those dark and dreary days of 1565, when to be a Catholic in Ireland meant political as well as social ostracism, when to be a priest of the Catholic Church meant to be hunted like a wolf, with the same price upon the head of each, when to impart education to youth or instill the truths of religion into the minds of the people was dealt the same pains and penalties as were prescribed for the commission of the most heinous crimes, when every effort was being made by the English government to stamp intelligence, patriotism, and civilization from [...]

101, 2016

2016 Easter Rising Centenary Commemoration

Brothers, As you may be aware our National President appointed me as Chairman of the Centenary Committee in order to organize the remembrance events in March and April of next year. To coincide with our plans, all State Presidents will be receiving a monthly newsletter which will give you an historical sequence of events that led to the rebellion and executions in 1916. We would like you to disseminate this among your Divisions and have them read and discuss at each Division meeting during that period of time. You also will be receiving a copy of the Irish Proclamation of [...]

1812, 2015

Sister Vera

The 2014 Hibernian of the Year is Sister Vera Butler, a longtime advocate for the poor and homeless in New Orleans. For 18 years, she has been a positive presence at St. Joseph Church, the historic Catholic Church on 2 Lane Avenue that was built by the Irish in late 1800's. View the video above to learn more about the work of Sister Vera and the Lantern Light Ministry of the Presentation Sisters at The Rebuild Center in New Orleans, LA.